Hi, I am Eirene Hogan, aka Irene Hogan, aka Irene Dawson.

I work as an editor of fiction work.  If anyone is interested in testing out my editing skills they can contact me here.

I am from Australia of 19th century English/Irish protestant/German protestant/possibly French or Canadian immigrants.

I was born in the 1960s and am a product of the hippie revolution; ban the bomb, black rights, women’s lib, gay lib, the lot.

I am a writer, political animal (leftie and greenie), lover of history and lover of psychology, and have experience with autism.

I also enjoy researching my family history.

This is my blog site and my portal for other sites by my extended family.

If you wish to contact me either add a comment or email me (by clicking on this link).



2 Comments to “About”

  1. Hi Eirene

    Been while since I made contact & have been tad busy since. I saw a few comments from one of my few surviving cousins Alice Marie Felmingham. I have tried many times to communicate with that branch of the family including Marie’s grand daughter – without success!! Is there any way you can provide me with her contact e mail or if you feel privacy provisions should apply – please let her know that I really would like to make contact.

    My e mail is ian.schache@bigpond.com

    Thank you & Cheers

    Ian S

  2. Linked here from your recent posting in the journal group. I have scanned a few of your posts, here. Speaking for myself, I think the journalgroup will be lucky to have you. elrondsilvermaul aka nothingpetty.

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